Seaport-e prime contract holder


Subcontractor to Booz Allen Hamilton on USCENTCOM J8 support contract.


Subcontractor to American Systems on Joint Test and Evaluation (JT&E) projects.

Pursuing GSA prime contracts.

Pursuing DoD support contracts across the United States.  Providing Test and Evaluation, Modeling and Simulation, Studies and Analysis, and Wargaming support.

Pursuing California state analytics and data science contracts. Nevada, and Florida state contracts will be pursued in the future.  Additional states will be considered as time and resources permit.

Pursuing projects supporting local businesses throughout the United States.


CLIENT Support


Business Consulting



A financial services company requested BuzzDoc LLC support to simulate and improve the steps in their new account processing.  The company had extensive data from the process, but was struggling to align company resources with the timing of customer demand.  BuzzDoc LLC analysis identified demand trends throughout any particular day as well as trends throughout a week or month.  This demand process was a critical component of the simulation and helped the company optimize resource scheduling.


A small manufacturer approached BuzzDoc LLC for assistance with an ongoing effort to control and improve corporate processes.  The manufacturer indicated that they already captured extensive information from their production process that was the basis for the project to establish process control.  BuzzDoc LLC discovered that the information was insufficient to track the production process for customer orders or address the source of production faults.  BuzzDoc LLC reverse engineered the process, identified the missing information and created a way to track production faults.

Department of Defense

 The current federal budget environment has created new situations for the Services.  Services man, train, and equip through independent processes.  Historically, if a Service identified a capability gap, then the Service would address the gap internally.  As budgets tighten, this is not always possible. Today, the Services are frequently tasked to work together to plan and execute missions.  This leads to situations where Service weapon systems are required to operate in an integrated fashion, but that was not a requirement during the procurement of those weapon systems.  Similarly, the Services are being asked to operate as an integrated joint force, but they do not man or train with that mindset.  BuzzDoc LLC supports a program sponsored by the Department of Operational Test and Evaluation that evaluates joint (multi-Service) capabilities to execute integrated missions, identify breakpoints among the systems as well as the processes (tactics, techniques, and procedures), and recommend solutions to the problems identified.  BuzzDoc LLC supports projects like this annually.Type your paragraph here.