OSD DOT&E Joint Test and Evaluation Sub contract

Prime Contractor: American Systems Corporation

Contract # W91C9G07D0002

Task Orders

   JAZZ Joint Test - ORSA, Data/Database Manger, Technical Advisor

   JCI Joint Feasibility Study - ORSA

   JTAP Joint Test - ORSA/Technical Advisor



Prime Contractor: American Systems Corporation/SAIC

Contract # FA4600-08-D-9004

Task Orders

   JEPAC - ORSA/Technical Director-Advisor



Prime Contractor: Booz Allen Hamilton Inc

Contract # N00178-04-D-4024

Task Orders

    CENTCOM J8 Support - Studies and Analysis


CLIENT Support



Business Consulting


Navy Seaport-e prime contract

contract # N00178-16-D-8619

Task Orders

   Task Order 1

Team Members

   T3I Solutions - see the T3I Solutions website for capability/area of expertise and experience

Seaport-e Program Manager

Customer Satisfaction Point of Contact

Quality Assurance Program

The BuzzDoc LLC team prepares and provides a task order quality control plan in accordance with contract requirements.  BuzzDoc LLC embraces a corporate quality structure that is applied to all program and task activities.  To successfully accomplish the goals and requirements defined by the customer, a customized quality assurance and quality control plan  includes specific components that serve as a foundation for conducting evaluations in all program areas, including but not limited to management, operations, financial and administrative:

  • Sound methodology: To ensure that goals are established based on requirements and desired outcomes, BuzzDoc LLC selects indicators of performance and measurement criteria that are as objective as possible in collaboration with the Program Management Team and the customer.
  • Controlling process or outcome: Clear and concise direction is provided that identifies performance level expectations and how each indicator relates to the overall program objectives and goals.
  • Frequency of measurement: Specific timetables or condition based criteria are established for measurement of each indicator identified. Quality control reviews will be part of program management and task management oversight.

Customer directed or derived improvement initiatives are pursued to incorporate more efficient or effective ways of doing business and implement new plans/procedures to carry out identified improvements/enhancements.  An Improvement Action Plan (IAP) is used to address any changes or problems that may be detected.